Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yikes it's a Box

These boxes make great gifts for teacher with this paper.  Other papers will make great gifts for friends and family.

·        Graphic 45 Box & Mini-Album
·        Graphic 45 Paper of Choice
·        Strong Dry Adhesive Runner
·         Small Glue Dots
·        Adirondack Acrylic Paint Daubers in Gold and Black
·        Maya Road-Embellishments, ruler, bingo like chips, library like pockets, wooden buttons & journal blocks
·        Crochet Ribbon
·        Black Patterned Ribbon
·         Sentiment Stamps
·        Buttons
·        Black Floss
·        Green Leaves
·        Knob for Cover Pull
·        Crystal Lacquer, Diamond Glaze
·        Tissue Tape

·        Paper Trimmer
·        Dry Adhesive
·        Journal Pen/Marker
·        N0. 8 Bright Taklon Paint Brush-Cheap is good. 
·        No. 8 Bright Bristle Brush, Cheap is the only way here.
·       Fussy Cutting Scissors


 1.      Choose an art picture from one of the many in the G45 papers available.  Paint the art with the crystal lacquer on the first side.  Put aside to dry.  CLEAN BRUSH IMMEDIATELY.

2.    Paint all surfaces of the box black using the black paint dauber.  Use a white taklon brush to get into the corners.  Leave box dry before performing other painting steps.  There is no need to waste paint for under the areas that will be covered by the G 45 art work.  CLEAN BRUSH IMMEDIATELY.

3.      Chose your artwork for the inside box, and cut the pictures in a way that is appealing, and a proper fit for the space.  Cut instructions as follows:

a.      2 box panels of an all over patterned paper cut @ 4 3/4" x 1 3/8"

b.      2 box panels of an all over patterned paper cut @ 4 7/8" x 1 7/8"

c.      Inside Top that shows through the cut out has a max size of 4 1/2" square, and can be as small as 3" square and still fit the space where the whole is, as long as it is aligned properly.

d.      On the back side of the inside top you can attach another graphic from the G45 Cardstock which should measure no more than 4 1/2 inch square and should be centered to prevent the graphic from holding the book opened or placing tension on the cover that won't allow the magnet to hold it closed. (a lesson learned the hard way.

e.      Cover the bottom of the inside with a graphic cut to 4 3/4" square.

f.       Adhere the all over graphics to the outside small panels.  Do not use them on the inside two panels, as they will prevent the magnet from holding the box closed.

Mini-Album Assembly


1.      Cut the accordion folded album into 4 pieces on the folds.

2.       Dry brush the edges of the pages with black dauber paint, and also some gold.

3.      Dry brush the edges of the library like envelopes and journal cards.

4.      Decorate the pages of the album with flowers, bingo chips, library envelops, tissue tape.  Remember, we will be punching holes in the corners for the ring to hold the mini together.

5.      Cut a graphic out of a piece of paper to adorn the cover.  I used decorative corners from some of the papers where I had cut an image from the inside, and used to decorate the front corners of the mini-album.

6.      Make 4 roses from the Tim Holtz Die cut.  I also used several of the single petals to make flowers for inside the album.  I used the wooden buttons and bingo chip  pieces for flower centers.

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