Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea Party

Trying something different here.  I have to create an invitation to a tea party that is going to be held as a celebration of Samhain/All Souls Day.  This is a celebration of the lives of family and friends that have passed from this world.  It is also a time to dress up, generally in what you would like to draw into the next 12 months, but sometimes we just dress for fun.  My friend wore this green satin witch hat last year, and my daughter put together this vignette to take some pictures for her photography class.  I just love this picture, and think I will use this in the invitation and menu card.  I love those blooming tea flowers, and the best part is they taste as lovely as they look.  The cup is from a china set that was my grandmothers, and I love to use this for formal teas.  I do, however, need to find some more cups, as this tea keeps growing each year.

Just trying to get back into the swing of things after the really rush time I had with a move to a new house, my mother's passing, and my daughters health issues.  We are still in positive territory, but my art has taken a backseat to my RL issues.  The studio is up, and ready for me to get back to it, except I got a lot of work projects, and money takes precedence over play time.  However, I am taking some time to get back to the communication with my blog friends.