Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas On My Mind

This Silhouette Challenge has been a most difficult one for me. I was having all kinds of trouble deciding what I wanted to create. I looked at books, I looked on line and still was undecided. So finally I decided to go to the Silhouette Website for some inspiration. I thought I wanted to create my own design, but alas, nothing came. I decided I would do something with Silhouette Website designs.

I saw this Christmas Tree on the website and decided this was the one.  My vision was to create all of my Christmas cards this way, but the stuff was a little more fiddly than I wanted to mess with for 50 cards. I did make a dozen so only special families are getting these fiddly things.

I did enjoy designing this, and constructing it. I always love intricate work, and this fits that bill nicely. That tree decoration is gorgeous, but it is really hard to get off the mat at the size I needed for this card. I used a vinyl backed glitter paper which is probably what saved the day, as I'm sure regular paper would have torn into a million pieces. After it was cut the rest of this stuff just was a cake walk.

Everything is cut with Silhouette purchased designs. I used an Amuse Studio paper for the background and Stampin' Up paper for the green tree. The glitter paper I purchased at a local scrapbook store, but have no idea who manufactured it.  I hope you enjoy. I'm sure you're glad I finally got over the flower business, but I can't promise that won't be coming back one of these days soon.

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Happy Holiday Season.