Thursday, March 5, 2009

Water and Earth

It is time that I add the other two elements to my blog. I did these all for a project that I did for a swap. We were supposed to do art work that related to the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I did these all digitally. I jump around on my art a lot. I get bored with things in a hurry (like short attention span). So I cycle through the things I enjoy. Right now it is scenic stamping, but it will eventually change to something else.
Here is the Water: The pics are from istock, and the artwork is done in Photoshop CS2. I love that program and the artist for these pics was not available, but would love to find them

This is eart: Again the pics are istock, and I used Photoshop for the elements and stuff. I don't remember the fonts, and I created the shapes myself with the grid. Once I created the basic format, all I had to do was copy the set up. I would change a few colors, flip and add lines to the triangle, and just drop in the pics I would use.
I chose the colors from the pics I was using and this worked out quite well. That way I didn't have any clashing colors.
I hope you enjoy.

Don't say 'can't think of one' around me

can't think of one
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