Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cricut Ornament Card

I needed to feel like it was justified for me to have one Cricut let alone two, so here is a project I worked on all weekend.  I finally decided I like the Cricut Classroom.  It took a very long time for me to think it deserved a second chance though.  The beauty of this project is that you could cut all the pieces at one time, and then build the cards while you watched TV.  The longest part of this process was picking the coordinating papers.  The design and stuff were all in the magazine.  I just love these.  I did several different types for variety, but for a gift one design is enough.  The assembly goes really quickly.

I used the instructions out of the Northridge, Cricut Magazine. 

I used the Winter Frolic Cartridge, Ornament 1 and the Cricut Classroom.  I did these all proportional, based on placing the pieces over each other to see how they fit.  I used the Shadow, copied it, and Flipped one 180° degrees.  I lined the up with the ornament tops aligned to form a card, and welded them together.  Make sure that you have the whole piece selected before you fill the page.  I found that about four would go on one page if you flipped one welded assembly 80° on its side.

I added as many layers as I needed for the whole project. 

I used the Ornament 1 just a bit smaller than the shadow, and filled a pages with it.  This is the layer on which I used the shiny paper.  Leave the hook on this one.

Next I made another Ornament 1 just a little smaller than the previous Ornament 1.  I cut the hook off of one of the ornaments to prevent an overlap.  Now I wish I had kept the metallic hook though so that is why I say cut this off here.

I used the Happy Holiday Greeting from Winter Frolic along with the shadow, which I did in white, for the first card and just the Greeting for the second one. I like having the white behind that as it makes it pop.  I used distress ink in Tea Stain from Tim Holtz.  I used this on some of the ornament pieces, but didn't see much difference so stopped doing that.  It really depends on what colors and designs you use whether you want to bother with this step or not.

I cut them all in different matching cardstock & paper patterns, but made the middle a shiny piece. 

I used the Language of Friendship, Stampin' Up stampset to make the bird and branches, and used the matching punch to cut is out.  I used scraps of the paper from which the ornaments were cut for the stamping and punch, which made minimal waste on this project.

 I used prima flowers and gems to finish the decoration.
These would make a cute gift if placed in a decorative box..There are plenty of tutorials on this all over the web.  I really like to SplitCoast Stampers sight for that.
I hope you enjoy.

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