Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Boxed Card Set

I would normally worked to remove the glare from this picture, however, I wanted to assure that you realized that this is semi-gloss presentation paper.  I got this at Staples and just love it for this type of card.  This was the freebie from Silhouette for Octover, but works great for the Thanksgiving Holiday as well.  This is a box of six (6) identical cards, in a matching box.  These are great for hostess gifts, and can be done in any variation.  I've made mixed greeting cards,  and boxes of holiday cards.

It is simpler to make a whole box of cards in the same style.  I have made some what I call owner's choice cards.  I make six cards that will be good for multiple occassion.  Like flowers that work for birthday, sympathy and get well cards.  Sometimes they work for Mother's Day.  I also will make a box of masculine type cards, and make sure they are generic enough to work for multiple occassions.  Everyone can use more masculine cards. 

I then will create greetings and inside sayings for all occassions that suit the card art.  I use the Silhoutte Cameo to print and cut them.  I add double sided tape and/or pop dots to the word art cut-outs, and give instructions on how to place them on the cards.  They are really a hit, as you never can guess just what cards you may need during the year.  This way, you have just what you need.

The box instructions came from GinaK and can be found HERE.  The cardstock is GinaK heavy base weight cardstock, and I forgot the color name.  Her cardstock is so nice, and a good price.  I love to use it for cards, and boxes, as they fold without looking nasty, as cheap cardstock can sometimes.  It also has a nice heft to it which screams premium without the premium price.  She also has a layering weight that is great for stamping and layering similar to how I did the oval Greeting Card embellishment.

All the cards in this example are exactly the same.  I left the inside plain, so the giver may write their own note, and wishes on the inside.

I hope you enjoy.

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