Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well I didn't think I was gonna get back here anytime soon. This has been a very busy time for me. I have a few days off now, so going to art up a storm. I have some things that I managed to do over a couple of weekends at home. I got some new stamps, so tried these out.

This first one is from Cornish Heritage Farms (CHF), and I used some new embossing powder that works with regular dye base inks as long as it is really wet. It gives such a cool look. I also used some shimmer water colors from Yasutomo, but I don't think you can see how really great this is. There is blue in the water, and yellow light coming from the lighthouse, and it is all shimmery, but you can't see that :(

This next one is a cliff scene using stamps from (CHF). I was actually going to use this on a card, but I like it so well I'm going to frame it and hang it in my room. It is stamped in dye Stampin' Up (SU) ink and using a water color water brush and the ink that is in the lids to paint the pic.

This next one is a Thomas Kinkade Stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms. I used SU Black ink for the image, and copic pens and chalk for coloring. I used the Yasutomo Shimmer watercolors in white for the mist that is in the pic. It is not easy to see the shimmer watercolor :(. It is very pretty though. Another one to add to my wall.

This one just didn't scan worth a crap, but this is done in Copic Sketch Markers, and it is very mellow. The sky is done in SU buckaroo blue. I used a Colorsnap Stylus to apply the color using a paper towel to mask and make nice white clouds. I learned this technique from Sandra Hulsart's video, which you can find her list that is on my watched list.

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